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Image by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.


Image by John Schnobrich


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Patreon is a subscription based membership platform where individuals in the community become patrons-of-the-arts by supporting artists of their choosing financially on a monthly basis in exchange for individualized benefits. 

In summer 2020, I started my own Patreon page allowing prospective patrons the ability to support me in creating my artistic works in exchange for a community membership experience which includes digital perks, unshared BTS content, and exclusive prints. Membership is as little as $1 USD a month. 

My content featured online and on social media will always be free. But if you want something more (maybe you want to be part of my life in a more personal way, you just want the print, or want to see the exclusive art every month) I would highly appreciate the contribution and I would readily welcome you as a part of my patreon family.