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Patreon is a subscription based membership platform where individuals in the community become patrons-of-the-arts by financially supporting artists of their choosing on a monthly basis in exchange for individualized benefits. 

In summer 2020, Kerstin started her own Patreon page allowing prospective patrons the ability to support herself in creating artistic works in exchange for a community membership experience which includes digital perks, unshared BTS content, and exclusive prints. Membership is as little as $1 USD a month. 

Kerstin's content featured online and on social media will always be free. But if you want something more (maybe you want to be part of my life in a more personal way, you just want the print, or want to see the exclusive art every month) she would highly appreciate the contribution and would readily welcome you as a part of our patreon family.

Starting October 1, 2021:

All new patrons will get two (2) Patreon exclusive magnets & four (4) square photo prints of three original Kerstin Glaess Artworks. Offer availability while supplies last.