Through a diverse body of work spanning different mediums, themes, and styles, I explore color, the physical world, creatures, and the shared human experience. My works demonstrate a captivation with flora, fauna, and scenery, while testing the boundaries of abstraction. I utilize striking expressive color schemes in my paintings, while my impasto sculpted-and-carved oil paintings offer illusions of depth. I apply just-mixed color with a palette knife, often leaving it untouched for the remainder of the creation process. My recent work explores blue and green spaces, and refractions of light. 

​Kerstin Glaess is a multidisciplinary emerging artist working primarily in oil, collage, and photography. Her paintings are based on her own images from her world-wide adventures; flora, fauna, & landscapes from her various homes; and her personal nature collection. Her collages and drawings focus on the shared human experience. 

Kerstin's childhood and young adulthood centered around creativity, though she did not look at her art practice as anything but a self-care outlet until her undergraduate university years. While there as a side hustle, she sold originals and commissioned works to friends, colleagues, and on Etsy, while exploring her own creative interests on the weekends. She taught middle and high school before pursing higher education for herself in the arts. 


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Literature from the University of Mississippi, and a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Arts from City University of New York - Brooklyn College. She lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle between the Florida Panhandle and New England with her partner and cat.