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Robinson State Park, Feeding Hills

{On the stone bridge overlooking a brook}

{At the top of the waterfall}

Robinson State Park is marketed to families, cyclists, walkers, and hikers. The main road goes through the center of the western part of the park which allows for easy access to picnic tables, restrooms, and parking (in season). There is over 800 acres of undisturbed parkland. The park itself is on the edge of two towns: Agawam and Feeding Hills. If you go to school at Westfield State, this is a great place to find some greenery just outside of town.

T and I ended up parking outside one of the park's side entrances, walking in on one of the paved roads, and then started down the Small Waterfall Trail (aka Red Trail on Official Maps). The trails were well maintained and easy to follow even if the markers hadn't been there. We did not see much of the Westfield River where we were (that might be for more of the Eastern Trails). There were a couple plaques explaining how the Civilian Conservation Corps built up the area until 1941, and today, many of their contributions (roads, bridges, buildings) are still in use in the area. We also saw the ruins of a couple former CCC encampments. At the portion of the Red Trail that loops back around toward the park center, we found the small Waterfall and ended up staying awhile to sketch and film.

*Art on location photo taken with my I-Phone 12 Mini. Photographs taken with Canon 60D.




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