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Silvio O. Conte Wildlife Refuge, Longmeadow

During the two weeks of 'fake spring' up here in the North East, T and I decided that we wanted to go and watch sunset at one of the nearby nature preserves. We hopped in the car and made our way to the Silvio O. Conte Wildlife Refuge. The muds were quiet moist so we didn't get to far, but we did witness Canadian Geese, Ducks, and a bunch of foliage trying to poke their heads out.

This park located in Longmeadow was formerly called the Fannie Stebbins Memorial Wildlife Refuge, but as of 2019, portions of the park have been slowly transferred to the Silvio O. Conte Wildlife Refuge which is run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Office. Eventually, the entire area will become part of the Conte Refuge, though it will still pay homage to its bird watching original founders. The Silvio O. Conte Wildlife Refuge is a huge portion of preserved environment and habitats located on the Connecticut River Watershed across four states; you can learn more about it here.

*Photographs taken with Sony Alpha a6000.




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