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Major Williard Moore State Park, Paxton

T surprised me by taking us to the Maj. Willard Moore State Park for this trip. This was a very enjoyable experience, though both T and I were surprised with how short the trails were! Overall the park is more designed for young families looking to spend a day together, or someone just looking for some leisurely peace-and-quite. There are countless wooden picnic tables, benches and overlooks, the trails are easy enough for a skilled toddler (though not all are stroller friendly), and overall it was quite gorgeous and well-kept. They are actively working on updating some of the trails but there were still paved roads which you could always take to the center of the park directly from the parking lots. The flowers smelled amazing, the natural and man-made waterfalls were breathtaking and drowned out the nearby traffic, and the paths were wide enough for social-distancing among families passing each other.

I spent a good amount of time at the Artist's Overlook (official name, it even has a sign) where I sketched out the old Saw Mill. Other site specific points include a wooden pavilion, what I am assuming was Maj. Moore's pink colonial home and expansive green lawn now turned ranger station, large ponds, and countless stone walls and foundations from times long gone by. Easily a wonderful place to spend the morning, or all day.

*Art on location photo taken with my I-Phone 12 Mini. Photographs taken with Nikon D3000.




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