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11 Creative Reality Competition Shows for Art Enthusiasts

Art and creativity comes in many shapes and forms. For anyone looking for at-home inspiration or itching to watch artists at work, these are some of my favorite reality creative competitions that any art adorer (yes, that was the Seinfeld reference) or art enthusiast would dig.

Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star (Netflix)

Talented UK make-up artists transform their models faces into gorgeous creations.

Interior Design Masters (Netflix)

British interior designers are tasked with re-designing residential and commercial spaces while juggling desires of clientele.

Skin Wars, & Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (Netflix)

Body paint artists transform their models' entire body using paint, glitter, and 3D elements.

Lego Masters (Hulu)

Builders are pushed to their limits as they construct unique 3D sculptures utilizing legos and no instructions.

Blown Away (Netflix)

Glass workers from around the wold compete in a weekly challenge where they blow original custom glass creations surrounding high concept prompts.

Forged in Fire (Netflix)

US metal workers of all backgrounds compete in three challenges meant to test their ability to create original and historical blades, that are then put to the test on a wide array of objects to check for sharpness, strength, and kill factor.

Next in Fashion (Netflix)

UK designers compete to see who has the most fashion forward designs.

Zumbo's Just Desserts (Netflix)

Australia's best home bakers create custom desserts and attempt to replicate Adrian Zumbo's over-the-top and whimsical creations.

The Great British Baking Show: Beginnings & Masterclass & Holidays (Netflix)

British home bakers go through three trials meant to test their creativity, technical skill, and flavor profiles in weekly themed competitions.

Sugar Rush (Hulu)

Four teams of North American bakers race against the clock making three different types of desserts in order to wow the judges in both presentation and taste.

Buddy Vs. Duff (Hulu)

Buddy (Cake Boss) and Duff (Ace of Cakes) go head-to-head in a weekly challenge to prove who is the ultimate cake maker and decorator. If you like sculpture, carving, and any 3D design, you will love this.

Why are baking shows on this list?

Many food competition shows count presentation as one of their main scoring categories. Additionally in the competitions listed , presentation, creativity and technical skill are around 50% of the overall scoring. The techniques that these artists show, can easily be transferred to any painting, drawing, 3D or texturized art form.

Interested in other shows? Ranker rates over 50 of the top creative skill reality series on their site based on viewer feedback.

Enjoy watching!




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