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Nickerson State Park, Brewster, Cape Cod

T and I hiked the three miles of Cliff Pond Trail at Nickerson State Park in Brewster MA. The three mile trail mostly hugged the shore and the beaches around the pond. It was quite easy to move through and had been trimmed recently. It was a bright day, around 28 degrees, and there was very little wind. In the sun you could almost be too warm. Ducks, herons, and hawks were everywhere. On the shores we found the spring and winter fighting for control of the water. T and I would love to return to camp and fish. My favorite pictures from the hike are below.

*Photographs taken with Sony Alpha a6000.



Grassy Nook Pond

The beach near Camping Area 6

Cliff Pond Beach in the distance

Frozen water in the thrushes

Frozen foam on the shores


I thought the texture from this frozen blob was cool

Frozen roots due to the waves

Cliff Pond Beach

Frozen Foam

Little Cliff Pond

Little Cliff Pond

A gorgeous day

More Cliff Pond beach

Boulders near Camping Area 4

Boulders near Camping Area 4

Boulders near Camping Area 4


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